Ww1 and the enemy

The Declaration of War against Germany by the United States guaranteed the Jews throughout the world that Palestine would be turned over to them upon the defeat of Germany even though Britain had already promised it to Trans-Jordan upon the defeat of the Ottoman Empire.

Hammann immediately dived down and landed on the water close alongside the disabled machine, where he took Ludlow on board. After 2 days of intense physical and mental strain, during which Maj.

From a standing position on the railroad track, fully exposed to view, he opened fire at once, but failing to silence the gun, rushed forward with his bayonet fixed, through a wheat field toward the gun emplacement, falling within 25 yards of the gun with his right leg nearly severed above the knee and with several bullet holes in his body.

Medical Detachment, TH Inf. Despite its longer tracks, the final CA was very cramped and access through the rear was difficult. During this period the successful defense of the position was due largely to his efforts. Badge lightly vaulted, flat pin for fastening.

Renault FT

Original, watermarked ribbon shows few dark spots and with original hinged locking pin for fastening. Dark navy blue felt backing.

A total of 57 CA-1s were lost that day. Bois-de-Consenvoye, France, 8 October Complete with old presumably original ribbon in the colours of the Savoia Royal House. Very good condition, small stain on the ribbon looks like glue.

Currently, there are Familiars of the Order of which 12 are honourary Knights. Shows wear mostly flaking to black finish and age, some rusty spots throughout. Upon waking on their 1st morning in the United Kingdom after their arduous journey, the men were hoping for a large breakfast.

His papers have been preserved by his family and articles are reproduced on the cardiac requirements of recruits; papers on epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis and the history of the medical service at Camp Beauregard, including the influenza epidemic of Gold Officer class medals are extraordinarly rare and almost never found in private collections.

Round medal 35mm dia. These cards are historical artifacts which are not only often beautiful examples of the lithographer's art but are also of interest to students of art, military and political history.

It is a first time we have seen this medal in the silver grade. Saxony was one of the biggest and strongest of German States and Prussia had to keep good relations with the Kingdom.

Extremely courageous in the performance of this perilous task, he was killed while carrying a wounded officer to a place of safety.

Renault FT

Offered here is a large breast badge in bronze with enamels. Ribbon appears old but unsure if original. Horizontal pin for fastening. Lems of TH Inf. Original, watermarked ribbon shows age and slight spotty discolouring. Army, Company K, th Infantry, 77th Division.

He is the first soldier of the 32nd American Division to fall fighting for the cause of right and liberty on Alsacian soil, beside his French comrades. Five minutes later an enemy millimeter gun opened fire on the tank pointblank.

Oxidised copper, bow ribbon for ladies - appears original. Eugene Ramaker, born ca. During the Austrian occupation of the city inhe sparked a riot against the invading troops by throwing the first stone at a rolling cannon. Medal shows typical wear, some scratches but no damage.

Romania joined the Allied Powers in Note that this is an earlier version by this maker which has enamels between talons. Thin silver cross 2 halves construction.James B Smith: 2 Sep I am attaching a photo of the Lincolnshire Regiment with my father on it, 2nd row, last on the right: James B Smith.

We think it was the 9th battalion of the Lincolnshire regiment. One of the first Schneider CA-1 tanks engaged on the front, Aprilat Berry-Au-Bac, part of the disastrous Nivelle offensives. The olive livery was not a standard one, but it was the standard factory paint.

Hundreds of thousands of men who served with the armed services, some women and some civilians received at least one WW1 medal.

There are two main kinds of WW1 medal awards: campaign medals and gallantry or meritorious service awards. Naval Valour Medal, silver grade (Al Valore Di Marina) WW1.

Named and dated: "Amadio Antonio; 15 MaggioAdriatico; R.M'AQUILA". Royal Italian Navy Ship 'Eagle' (Aquila) was a torpedo ship/destroyer and took part on that day in the battle of the The Strait of Otranto against 2 Austro-Hungarian destroyers (Csepel and Balaton).

Schneider CA

'AQUILA' engaged the enemy vessels and later was. Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on cheri197.com rGerman and Prussian orders,medals,badges and decorations.

Imperial, SA, NSDAP, HJ, Luftwaffe, Wehrmaht, Kriegsmarine badges.

Ww1 and the enemy
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