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Concepts that are not explicitly stated, or perhaps not touched on at all, by the source material, but nevertheless accepted as true by most of the fandom, are called 'fanon'. To 'troll' is to post purposefully inflammatory material in the attempt to provoke people. Looking to read something like the aforementioned?

Crosscasting makes for some amusing fanart, but crosscast fanfiction generally grows tiresome very quickly. This is sometimes true, but not always.

Since the purpose of indenting is to separate paragraphs, the first paragraph of any section need not be indented. This website also encourages writers through various annual awards.

When using double spaced paragraphs, weak scene breaks may be indicated by inserting a blank paragraph.

The publishing and sale of these is legal in Japan, and they can often be purchased at conventions and on Ebay. Endeavour to learn these reasons so that you can make more informed decisions about when to go against them.

Such an individual usually remains anonymous, choosing a screen name or member ID that identifies how much they hate their target. Such stories are surprisingly common in many fandoms.

It is often phrased as 'dead from funny', or 'dead from badfic' - this wording is taken from a messageboard post in which a woman described a former lover who had died as a result of cocaine abuse as being 'dead from coke'; people thought this wording was funny, and the phrase went on to acquire a life of its own.

Darcy offers you a platform to write your stories based on this epic novel. Used to refer to things that are fascinating and horrifying at the same time, such as Twincest and MPreg.

It's sweet, it's funny, it's genuinely in character, and it's probably the most realistic depiction of the absurdities of high school you will read. The 'plot' of such a story usually consists of a character either listening to the song or writing it out as a poem and thinking about how much it means to them.

Like most fanfiction, they range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Examples of Alternate Universes include a Star Trek story set in a universe ruled by the Borg, a Lord of the Rings story exploring what might have happened had Galadriel given in to the temptation of the One Ring and made herself Dark Empress of Middle Earth, or an Inuyasha story in which the characters are students in an American high school.

In fiction, using italics for thoughts formatted in the same way as speech, but without the quotation marks: THREAD - all the replies and replies to replies to the original statement that started a messageboard or mailing list discussion.

The term has both a general and a specific meaning. What it does is that it makes everything overlong and makes it so that all urgency or immediacy is stripped from the story.

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Generally, it means any two-dimensional drawn as opposed to computer-generated animated entertainment made in Japan. People posting to a messageboard or talking in AIM will often save themselves from having to type a title over and over by abbreviating it: Enjoy a wide choice of fanfiction, and submit your own if you have any good ideas.Petunia's Tea and Cake Shop [5SOS AU] / Info Rating: PG Type: Fan fiction Word count: 9 World's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion.

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Come and rediscover your favorite shows with fellow fans. Paragraphing. New writers often have a bad habit of clumping all of their text into one or two paragraphs, likely because they don’t entirely understand the purpose of paragraphing, and they think it makes their writing look really long and impressive or something.



Wattpad’s premier annual writers’ conference offers support, mentorship, and career-oriented programming, to connect the Wattpad writer community, hone their craft, and grow their careers. Mibba is a creative writing site designed for authors to share their stories, poems and articles and gain feedback from a growing audience.

Fanfiction writing websites
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